The most successful people in all of history will tell you the number one key to their success was the Mastermind Principle.

"The principle through which you may borrow and use the education, the experience, the influence, and the capital of others to accomplish in one year more than you could ever accomplish in a lifetime if you depended entirely on your own efforts for success.” - Napoleon Hill

I was fortunate enough to learn this pricniple early in my career and it is the sole reason I was able to grow my first company from zero to $30 million in 7 years, starting, scaling and exiting 12 other companies and doing hundreds of millions in real estate deals all at the same time. 

That's the power of a mastermind. The power of surrounding yourself with the right people, being in the right room and making the right connections. 

All it takes is one conversation, one idea or one new connection to completely change the entire trajectory of  your business and your life fast.

I've experienced this in my own life and I see it happen for my clients and students every single day. Just listen to what they have to say below.

This is a powerful results driven mastermind and coaching program for entrepreneurs and investors all around the world doing all kinds of exciting things like investing in real estate, developing all types of real estate, starting, buying and scaling all types of businesses and raising capital to grow and scale their business and do bigger deals.

Relationships are the most important thing in business and in life and this mastermind is all about creating opportunities by connecting people.

Some of the people you will meet in this mastermind are clients in my one-on-one mentorship program, real estate investors, real estate developers, high net worth individuals looking to invest, medical and dental professionals, professional athletes, tech executives, residential and commercial contractors, entrepreneurs building and scaling all types of businesses all around the world and stock and crypto investors all moving profits into real estate, other businesses opportunities.

The people in this mastermind collectively have generated billions of dollars in revenues in their businesses, raised billions of dollars and have portfolios worth billions.

How much do you think it would be worth to you to be a part of this community?

Imagine being able to tap into the collective wisdom of this group and form strategic relationships that will completely transform your business and your life faster than you ever thought possible

This is a mastermind and coaching program combined and is 100% virtual. There’s no travel required, no flights, no hotel rooms, no taking a week away for a 3-day event and no waiting months for the next meeting before you get any support or making any new connections.

There is a mastermind community platform where the live weekly mastermind coaching session will be held and where you will be able to connect with other like minded entrepreneurs to find accountability partners, support each other, help solve problems, create opportunities, encourage, inspire, lift each other up and build lifelong relationships.

If you’re serious about transforming your business and your life fast, fill out the application below and we will be in touch to schedule a time to discuss the program and get you started. 

One Year Membership


Includes one private coaching session with Greg Dickerson

One year access to all of Greg's courses

Live online mastermind coaching session every week so no travel required. Members love this.

Mastermind community platform where the weekly mastermind coaching session is held and where you will connect with the other members and access other valuable resources.

All it takes is one conversation, one idea, or one new connection to change the entire trajectory of your business and your life fast. 

Fill out the application right now and let's get you started today.

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This could be you...

Simon Beylin

"Today was the third weekly meeting for the mastermind group with Greg Dickerson. In three weeks since the mastermind began, I have met with another group member and we now have an offer in on development in ME with great upside. If you are interested in real estate development, real estate investment, multi family, industrial, commercial/ office/ medical investment, land deals, syndication.... this is the group to be in. Greg leads each  mastermind, and the people in this group are truly impressive. Seasoned developers with over $350 million in development, seasoned investors with over $2 billion under management, owner's agents with hundreds of units under development, an industrial space developer who owns his own steel building fabrication company, land brokers, new investors with hundreds of units currently under development.....and this group is sure to propel that number much higher. The entire purpose of this mastermind is to lift each other to new levels. Highly experienced members are advising novice with a wealth of knowledge gained over decades. There are members with funds and experience looking to invest in deals, experienced developers willing to share their secrets learned over decades, knowledge on how to establish lead funnels to secure funding for deals, and trading of deals/ introductions occurring during the meetings. If you are looking for the next level of group mentorship and want to be involved in an amazing mastermind, this is truly the place to be. If you are a dentist or medical doctor, don't be shy, there are a handful of us in the group. Some with a few hundred units under development, and some with a few hundred million in assets under management. We seem to represent the group well."

Alex Jarbo

"I’ve been working with Greg for the past year. When I first started with Greg I had 1 short term rental worth about $200,000. In the past year Greg has helped me scale my business to $6,000,000 worth of short-term rentals and we’re currently acquiring or developing over $10,000,000 worth of short-term rentals. I’m expected to make about $650,000 in cash flow by the end of this year and most of the real estate purchased was with other people’s money. I’ve been featured on over 55 of the top real estate and entrepreneur podcasts just last year. I am also the main contributor to Bigger Pocket’s short term rental blog. Greg has also been foundational in launching my coaching program which will cross 7 figures this year. None of anything that I have accomplished in the last 12 months would have been possible without Greg’s mentorship and insights."

Simon Beylin, DDS, MMSc, MDT

"On a single phone call, Greg made a simple suggestion (simple if you have 35 years of experience) that not only saved $3 million is site work, but it  also provided the opportunity to add 15 additional units in an area where townhomes of this caliber sell for nearly $1 million dollars. I went from clinical endodontics, to construction, to development and wiith Greg's guidance, I am stepping away from my clinical practice of endodontics with the an eight figure sale of my offices. Through Greg's mentorship, I have grown my real estate development business to the point of having $50 million currently under construction. I am a develop to hold investor, as well as an operator of a commercial and residential construction company. Honestly, your online course, followed by mentorship was exactly what I was looking for, and what gave me the confidence to make the big steps. I am very grateful for your support."

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Charles Borrelli

Borrelli Homes LLC

"Within a week I applied a negotiation technique he taught us and saved $7000.00 and now we have done our first $1 million dollar plus year! Very glad I signed up."

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Sue Borrelli

Borrelli Homes LLC

"We signed up for Greg's Residential Real Estate Investing program & already got our money's worth! With 6 years of investing under our belts, Greg nailed exactly what we needed within the first 5 minutes. He's given us amazing resources to launch us forward and now we hit our first $1 million dollar plus year."

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Dr. Vikram Raya MD, FACC, Dr. Ravi Gupta MD

Founders of Viking Capital $600 Million AUM

For a couple of high achievers, having another business/mindset/real estate coach is in many cases not helpful or even detrimental. However we are truly blessed to have Greg Dickerson as our consultant/coach/strategist. He has had a 1000% impact from day 1, he has been most accessible, and his straight forward, but compelling style has truly accelerated our growth as a multifamily investment company. He imparts business optimization strategies, to reduce unnecessary complexity so our company is nimble, agile and is set up for explosive growth. In In just the first 90 days, Greg has positively impacted our company in numerous ways; 1) helped us interview and hire a director of acquisitions, 2) introduced to equity/capital partners, 3) aided in launching our Coaching/Mentorship program and 4) provided us instrumental strategies on navigating and minimizing our tax burden. Getting Greg on our team has been crucial to our success, and we are ready for explosive growth ahead.

Grant Cardone

"People should be listening to you. Greg Dickerson is one of the most objective people you will meet. Make sure to check out The Greg Dickerson Show."

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Joe Fairless 

Co-Founder Ashcroft Capital $1.7 Billion AUM

"I recommend working with Greg Dickerson. As a business consultant, he has a knack for cutting to the heart of the challenges you're facing and giving you actionable advice. The investment I made by bringing him on my team was returned 10 fold as a result of the advice he gave me that I acted on." - Joe Fairless, co-founder of Ashcroft Capital 

Les O'Hara

"When I wanted to learn Real Estate Development, I sought out a mentor who was a great businessman, real estate pro, and a man of integrity. Greg gives you all three but throws in the bonus of stock market and crypto/bitcoin analysis!"

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Dr. Josh Cochran, DMD

"Greg inspires me with his unique ability to amalgamate: a. mindset, b. knowledge of real estate and business, and, most importantly, c. the art of implementation, into success at a scale and velocity superior to anyone in my local networks. I strive to surround myself with those better than myself, and Greg uplifts my dental group leadership and my commercial real estate development with gracious humility."

Mario Acari

"I signed up for the one on one coaching and have received high benefits, being able to get advice and coaching on issues that I’m working on. It gives me a lot of confidence knowing I have Greg in my corner when I need guidance in business. I am new to the development business and have made huge progress working with Greg. I watched his daily videos for months and then made the decision to sign up for the one on one coaching, best decision I made. Thanks Greg. He is always available when I need him."

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Dr. Chris Stewart, DPM, PD

Founder CEO NovoNail

“Greg Dickerson helped my startup company work through a challenging time by providing clarity, direction and visionary options with respect to both short and long-term goals. I recommend Greg Dickerson to anyone looking for a business consultant who is energetic, ethical and thoughtful.” Dr. Christopher B. Stewart, Novonail, LLC

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Melissa Johnson

Entrepreneur, Coach and Mentor

"Under Greg's mentorship, I've received the benefit of his guidance, encouragement, and knowledge to help me launch a new business at a time in my life when I knew I needed help. Working with Greg has made a huge impact on my business and life, and has allowed me to fulfill my dream of helping and encouraging others as well. Greg is the embodiment of what a true coach and mentor should be and I am thankful to have had the opportunity to work with him." 

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Erik Hatch

Founding and Director of Trier Capital Over $129M AUM

"Greg has been instrumental in helping our company set the tone, pace, and direction of our operations. He has extensive knowledge and insights that would take years to learn. Leveraging his expertise will accelerate our growth and decrease the learning curve.  Even in the current COVID-19 environment Greg is laser focused and continues to generate suggestions to aid our path forward. Thanks for being a key member of our team Greg!"

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Jason Yarusi

Yarusi Holdings

"Greg is a wealth of information and life experience. He provided great guidance on expanding our business and what the key components would look like to see that manifest. Super informative and greatly experienced."

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Steven Libman

Integrity Holdings Group

"Greg has been an amazing asset for me and my company. In transitioning from wholesaling into the multifamily and commercial space, he has offered sound advice, guidance and much needed encouragement. In one of our first conversations he said "make sure you do what you want to be". Meaning, dont get stuck straddling 2 boats and split where we are putting our energy, effort and enthusiasm. Do what I want to be. Over the next few weeks that line continued to speak to me and change the trajectory of my life. We would give up the good for great and continue to gro"w into the space we truly wanted to be in. Many more fruitful conversations and coaching calls later and Greg is still making a big impact, but incredible what one well timed conversation can do for your life. Thank you Greg!

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Liz Donahey

Entrepreneur & Coach

“It’s very rare in life and in business that you get to meet someone as influential and genuine as Greg Dickerson. He clearly sees and elevates our strengths and potential better than we can on our own. His refreshingly direct and honest approach has improved my life and I’m grateful for him.” 

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Josh McRay

Lead Farmer PPC

"I'm very fortunate to have met Greg. As a business coach he provided really solid, down to earth advice and coaching that helped me to develop personally and professionally. Our conversations and the resources that he brought to the table actually helped me lay a solid foundation for my very own business. I'd definitely recommend Greg to any business looking to develop assets internally, individuals looking to start their own businesses, and anybody in between. Thanks Greg!"

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Van Johnson

Fast Home Buyers

"I’m glad that I listened to the podcast where you were featured. It’s been a wonderful experience to have you as my coach. You are genuine, knowledgeable, and blunt and I love it. Your energy and passion exude in how you develop, teach, and train. The money spent on coaching was more than worth it, if you wanted to charge more you most certainly could. It’s been a blessing and I look forward to more real estate growth and continuing this journey with you"

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Ben Gaines

United Properties of NC

Greg's in depth, working knowledge of every asset class make him stand out among the great minds in real estate. That knowledge, coupled with his patience and willingness to help others led me to buy his course. Almost immediately, his creative strategies paid off and I was able to recover a deal that was lost otherwise. His weekly calls outline a plan of action and inspire accountability. I am very grateful to be part of his team of students.
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Myers Barnes

America's Favorite New Home Sale Expert

Myers is one of the world’s most requested speakers and advisors for new home sales seminars and manager training.

"Greg gave me one book recommendation that resulted in a $500,000 Real Estate deal"

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Danny Johnson

Flipping Junkie

"I'm extremely thankful to have met Greg. When I interviewed on him on the FlippingJunkie podcast, I only knew he was doing real estate development. It turns out, this guy is a solid business coach!! During the episode (, Greg talks about how he's taken some of his tradespeople and helped them build their businesses up. He knows how to build companies. I was so intrigued I asked if he wouldn't mind providing weekly coaching for me. That was over 6 months ago! The insights he provides on a weekly basis have helped us to cut the learning curve tremendously. Thanks for being such a huge asset to our business!"

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Gil Fleming

"I saw your video that one conversation can change your life. You just changed my life! I bought your course bundle for $195. Your video in the course...Find your Superpower! Had a huge impact. I have started a Youtube channel called...62orbetter. I have been playing around with this idea.  I'm newly retired. I want to do something for fun. I want to talk to my peers. Folks who have "done their time" and are no longer struggling with building a business and building their retirement. They have "crossed the finish line"! I was wondering, what do I have to offer on a utube channel. I was really motivated and excited after seeing Find your Superpower. I have a number of things that I could offer. Thanks for making a difference in my life!"

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Nicholas Montenegro

"You are the one who helped me get my real estate development company started. I’m 23 right now and your videos helped fill in a lot of the blanks in knowledge I needed to get started."


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